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Don’t Underrate, Appreciate

July 20, 2017

EP4. Welcome into The Devy Watch Podcast (@DevyWatch) brought to you by the DFF Network on

The Devy Watch Podcast is hosted by Lawrence Chaney (@pacificscouting), Jason DiRienzo (@allpurposeyrd8g), and Cody Garrett (@_codygarrett).

This episode is all about value and appreciating those underrated players across the nation.

The crew jumps into some news regarding some highly touted recruits and their commitments.

Do names like Tony Jones jr, Mavin Saunders, Nick Westbrook and Justin Herbert ring a bell? If not they soon will! Each host gives insight on some underrated players at each position who deserve some recognition.

To wrap up the show the team answers a few listener questions sent in by way of the @DevyWatch handle. Feel free to interact with the guys on twitter at any time!  

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Samples from Trophies (instrumental) by D.Chen were used when creating this podcast.

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