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Trust The Process

August 10, 2017

EP7. Welcome into The Devy Watch Podcast (@DevyWatch) brought to you by the Dynasty Football Network on

The Devy Watch Podcast is hosted by Lawrence Chaney (@pacificscouting), Jason DiRienzo (@allpurposeyrd8g), and Cody Garrett (@_codygarrett).

We have a loaded show today with special guest and former VP of player personell for the Rams, Tony Softli (@SoftliSEA).

Like every week we drop some Devy news and on this episode it's surroung a star SEC running back, another Florida commit, and an incoming freshman RB splitting time at WR. 

Tony Softli was kind enough to join us and discuss some training camp football along with the scouting process that takes place while in the league and some nuggets on the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

We wrap the show up with a listener question by way of Brandon Sanders (@brandontsanders) and give our consensus top 5 Devy players out of the ACC!

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